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[meme] Fic prompts!

July 24th, 2012 (05:55 pm)

In an effort to ease back into writing ... prose ... at all, I am taking fic prompts! The goal is to sic myself on one of these bad boys every day and eventually get back up to the point where I am writing original stuff again. Or at least some epic Avengers fic or something, idk.

Fandoms/Canons I'll Write For
Any canon I've RPed from is fair game, though if it's been a while I might have to turn you down (especially if the canon's updated and I haven't caught up). A short list of available canons:

  • Marvel Cinematic Universe (Avengers and surrounding movies + X-Men First Class; no Spiderman, sorry)
  • Earth's Mightiest Heroes (first season only)
  • Sherlock (BBC)

  • Legend of Korra (not ATLA unless you want an Azula piece)

  • Red vs. Blue (all seasons)

  • Star Trek (2009)

  • Firefly

  • Dollhouse

  • Community

  • Back to the Future

  • Hunger Games (works best as crossover material?)

  • Ao no Exorcist

  • Persona 3/4

  • Phoenix Wright (1-4, not Investigations 1 or 2)

  • CLAMP (xxxHoLiC, TRC, X, CCS, Rayearth)

  • Mushi-shi

  • Witch Hunter Robin

  • Crossovers!! Any of the above.

  • Original (Exalted and Ludi, primarily)

  • Sabra La Tau (any character, with the caveat that it's Probably Not Canon)

  • Any RP relationship we've had, romantic or not (Sabra/Aather/Arbas/EC)

  • Any RP ship I've played with or I've squeed about you with (you know who you are)

Stuff I Will Write

  • Anything rated PG-13 or below. No graphic depictions of violence, no sex past fade to black. Trust me, you don't want me writing you sexy-times either.

  • Swearing, on the other hand, will happen a hell of a lot.

  • Requests for tropes (kidnapping, deaging, etc.) or non-overt/romantic kinks (hurt/comfort, sharing warmth in a remote cabin, stuff like that) are a-okay. I never met a dumb trope I didn't like. :>

  • No overtly sexual tropes, which is kind of a subjective distinction, I know. If I'm not comfortable writing something, I'll let you know so you can pick something else. ♥

  • No non-con or anything along those lines.

  • If I don't know a pairing/character well enough, I'll let you know that too.

  • While I will try to write at least one prompt per day in the order I receive them, I reserve the right to skip around like mad on the second/third/whatever prompts for the day.

  • Fics will prooobably range in the 500-1000 word range unless I get carried away. Think kink meme fill size.

Just drop a comment with the name of the canon, the characters / relationship / whatever involved, and your fic prompt(s). You can leave multiple if you want but if there's a prompt you reaaaallly want me to fill, make sure you indicate that. Think of it like a kink meme!! Except I guess I'm the only one filling the prompts? ... unless you see one that you really want to fill yourself. In which case, have at it.

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Fic Meme!

June 16th, 2009 (05:18 pm)

ffff I am once again writing more retarded Firefly/Star Trek crossovery stuff. This one's gonna be long though, so no posting until I finish the story.

But! I still feel like writing ... stuff. It is weird for me to feel in a truly fanficcy mood. Most of the time my creative energy gets eaten up by RPGs, but sometimes I get bursts of writing energy too. ... usually prompted by kink memes, actually. My last big one was for Persona 4. I should probably actually post/link to those fics here someday. But I kind of like being anonymous in that fandom. Plus I didn't finish my super-big project. OOPS.

Sooo shortfic meme! Give me a prompt (fandom + characters/focus + something else (a line, an image, an AU idea, anything) and I will write you a brief fic! As long as I know the fandom, I'm willing to give it a try. So that means ... basically anything I've RPed for a significant length of time, or fandoms I have fic involvements with. Requesting something from my original stuff is fab too, but I ... seriously doubt that would happen? anyway.

Applicable fandoms:
+ CFUD (yes it's a fandom, shut up)
+ Bleach
+ CLAMP (just about anything, especially TRC/Holic)
+ Firefly
+ Persona 3/4
+ Star Wars EU (mostly the Solo kids)
+ Star Trek XI
+ Kingdom Hearts (minus new spoilers)
+ Eyeshield 21
+ Phoenix Wright
+ Mark of the Succubus
+ Percy Jackson (books 1-3 only; I will kick you in the face if you spoil me)
+ Batman Beyond
+ Mushishi
+ Runaways
+ FMA (I am way, way behind on the manga though)
+ Anything else you think I know because ffff I am forgetting stuff.

QUALITY IS NOT GUARANTEED fics will probably be written in like ten minutes void where prohibited.

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[Fic] Alone

This is what I get for browsing the new-Trek Kink Meme at work. More bizarre crossovers. :(

Title: Alone
Fandom: Star Trek XI/Firefly
Genre: Gen-ish. Mostly because I can't actually ship River/Spock, but it's still interesting.
Wordcount: 1,500-ish
Spoilers/Warnings: None!
Notes: Written for the kink meme. sob my life.

Spock is not unfamiliar with the logic behind her placement.Collapse )

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[Fic] Mirror Mirrored

June 3rd, 2009 (06:05 pm)

ffffffff I never thought I'd write fic again. Much less fic for THIS fandom. This is what shiny does to me. orz.

Title: Mirror Mirrored
Fandom: New!Trek. With some TOS mixed in.
Genre: Gen, primarily Kirk, Bones, and Spock. A few pairing hints if you squint.
Wordcount: 1,500-ish
Spoilers/Warnings: None; some violence and language.
Notes: This is a fic that probably could be worked out into a full plot-type thing … but I honestly don’t have the energy (or the TOS know how) to pull it off. Consider it an exercise in premise rather than plot.

Life as Captain James T. Kirk is never anything short of exciting.Collapse )

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[behold my horrible and also pretentious Japanese skills!]

January 13th, 2008 (04:22 pm)

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